Europe’s First Organic Tortilleria

In Berlin we use the traditional Nixtamal method to produce the best Tortillas around. We start on the fields in Vorpommern, Northern Germany,  where our friends BioBoden grow beautiful corn that is than carefully cooked and milled to Masa in our volcanic stone mill. Finally shaped and baked on a Comal daily fresh - most authentic Tortillas are there for you and us.




This is the genius, magic, ancient and superior method of cooking corn. Applied by indigenous cultures of the Americas since centuries, cooking and letting the whole corn soak in water with lime stone has many advantages: it loosens the outer layer of the kernel, (that normally gets stuck between your teeth), it splits up proteins and makes them digestible and makes several nutrients available to your body, adds calcium, gives the tortilla flexibility, acts as natural preservative and gives it the authentic flavour. Corn that is not treated this way just runs untouched through your digestive system.

We only use and offer Nixtamal.  It is superior for your body and tongue: Nixtamal Masa vs dry masa flour; think sourdough bread vs commercial toast or potato mash from scratch vs powder out of the pack.





Our Tortillas are produced daily starting from scratch with nixtamalized corn turned into Masa. That’s the base for countless Mexican specialties: like Tacos, Tostadas, Quesadillas, Empanadas, Tlayudas, Memelitas, Tamales… Tortillas baked on our Comales (castiron discs over flames) they can vary in size and thickness. No preservatives or softeners are used but only corn water and lime. This makes it a wholegrain product with excellent nutritional value, besides it´s gluten free.    





Besides Tortillas we turn Masa Nixtamal into Tostadas . Premium crunch and flavour, spiced up with Chipotle, Chocolate, toasted Sesame or Classic as a base for Ceviche and Salsa. Skip the greasy regular Chips and do yourself good with approx 90% less fat, cause they are baked and not fried up.




We want to pay homage and justice to the Mexican Gastronomy and its endless and colourful potential. Even though it is regarded as UNESCO Cultural World Heritage it is too often bastardized. Our aim is to change this with providing real Tortillas, the proper made base of most of its dishes. We don’t stop here: Tlaxcalli is also happy to be part of gastronomical Events and Caterings with real techniques from that side and best ingredients from this side of the ocean.